Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang theory indicates that the Universe began at a singular point (singularity) from which all matter, space, time and energy evolved. Galaxies are seen to rush apart in all directions so it seems that we are immersed in a space time continuum that's expanding.

According to the big bang theory this universe started to expand around 10 to 15 billion years ago. This expansion can be seen by the recession of other galaxies from our own Milky Way. It appears possible to detect an after glow of the most violent event in history, the sudden explosion of matter into existence.

This after glow appears in the form of microwave radiation, this background radiation seems to permeate the universe and was detected by a satellite called COBE.

Earth Curve


Big Bang Universe

When space is referred to, the vacuum inside space can be mistaken for space itself.

The vacuum is said to contain "nothing", this is only true when looked at from one "frame of reference".

In a vacuum "force fields" seem to spontaneously self organise and "burst" into existence, for a fleeting moment,  particles appear, meet and jump into one another with extreme violent force and then disappear.


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